After School Special

I kinda loved tonight's Supernatural. Like, a lot.

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Day 3 and I am already slightly behind. Huzzah!

3565 words. 6 footnotes. I'm in love with my Mercutio. 3 pairs of goggles :)

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Began my Nano today! Huzzah!

Title: Act Six
Summary: Steampunk retelling of Romeo and Juliet using typography techniques from "House of Leaves." Rhome is a low-class pipeworker. Jules is a hostess to high-society. Footnotes by William Shakespeare! "House of Leaves"-style coloring of the word "act"! Goggles! "Angels"! Yayz!

Also have constructed a ridiculous playlist :)

Today I was productive

D 201+108-JoW+MaM-C+M+kF+rP+*S-*V-$%

Ike has killed my day

So, all summer I was a good girl and did not read a single spoiler. No, not one. No pictures, no episode titles, nothing. And then what? Supernatural begins anew tonight and Hurricane Ike has still not returned the electricity to my apartment.


"Equus" rant, my apologies

Daniel Radcliffe has ruined "Equus." I don't even care if he was good in it or not, but I'm trying to do research now to design the lighting for this play and "Dan Radcliffe" comes up in my search more often than "Peter Shaffer" and that's just not cool. I can't google past production photos either, because all I get are shots of his rear and that is something I do not want to light, thank you very much. And I gave up even faster on youtube because it's full of people whining that the clips I'm searching for aren't of the production starring him. I also saw one complaint that the show was cheaply done because there were no real horses... and... just... Whyyyyyyyyyy?

Original Fiction: "The Game"

Title: The Game
Summary: "He spent the majority of his childhood fully expecting Mother Nature or Father Time to leap at him from a dark alley and challenge him to a rousing game of bridge."

Subplot shamelessly taken from Charlie Daniels Band.

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I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Way Back Texas

Any time my roommate makes snide comments about my accent again, all I need to do is rewatch this:

Shoot, ya'll.

Why I love Kripke

"We are not turning into One Tree Hill with monsters — I swear. I'd rather put a gun in my mouth."

In other news: I move Friday! I am not packed! Hurricane Dean is coming and the highway is soooo not going to be fun.


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